From a personal note, I am proud. Proud to live in a country that has such a strong history.  Proud of those who gave their lives so I could live mine in peace and freedom.  Proud that our forefathers made a huge impact on our countries way of life by signing the Declaration of Independence. All in all, I am just proud of how much America has evolved over time.  Yes, there are still problems, but there’s plenty of good out there.

I want to take this moment to say, thank you to all those who serve our country and the ones who died for us. Please remember that you are not forgotten and many still support and love you. God bless you all.


“For every bad there is a good in us that is stronger. We fight past all our troubles and defend the wonders. We stomp on the evil and help the good.  For we are mighty and will never stop.”

Thank you so much!

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