Part Two: Event

On October 31st 9:oo AM to 12:00 the Connecting & Protecting event took place at the US Marine Corps Memorial in Golden, CO!

3961 copy edit smaller.jpg

With each branch of the US Military being represented, everyone that showed to show their support or learn something new felt more connected to the military and had lots of fun.

Here’s all that went on!

  • A memorable and beautiful Presentation of the Colors at 9:00 AM with a guest singing the National Anthem.
  • Paula Sarlls and Debra Zerr welcomed everyone to the event and said thank you.
  • The Marines ran the Marine Combat Fitness Test as a super fun activity for all ages!
  • The Army had the Leadership Coarse which involved really fun challenges for teams of 3 to do!
  • The Coast Guard, Air Force, and Navy communicated with everyone that showed!
  • 300 Pocket Flags were folded for men and women stationed on the USS Ronald Reagan! (Learn more on the site

And so much more!

It was windy but the show went on and everyone did a great job!

Hopefully more of you can join us next year for even more fun and connecting!

To see more photos from the event: C&P Event

Thank you so much!

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