“The Connecting & Protecting website has given me the opportunity to better understand the lives of the people that make up the military.  I really enjoyed reading the interviews!  Reading about the service people’s experiences, in their words, helped me to better understand that they are just people like me.  While our jobs are different, the personal situations, likes, dislikes, hopes and fears are in many ways shared by me and I would expect many other civilians.  Thanks for providing this insight into the lives of those who serve our country through the military!”

Wayne Rysdahl, Project Adviser

“So many people ask me why I decided to do this as my project.  There are so many reasons, but the one that stands out the most is the men and women who serve. Every military member I’ve met gives me more and more reason to want to serve them. They devote themselves to each other and to their country. Their love and drive to do the right thing inspired me. They make my project what it is, free. I want to share what I learn with everyone I meet, so this project is exactly the way I want to do that.   With my team of volunteers and military by my side, we will spread the word and bring attention to the people who mean so much to me.”

Debra Zerr, President/Founder

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