Important Dates to Remember

Mark these days on your calendar to remember to give your thanks to the military and their families!  Many memorials have ceremonies for Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day. (Check in to the memorials in your area to see what special ceremonies they offer!)

(Remember to wish our troops a happy holiday for all traditional holidays as well!)

February 19th: Coast Guard Reserves Birthday

March 3rd: Navy Reserves Birthday

March 15th: American Legion’s Birthday

March 19th (2012): National Day of Honor

March 30th: Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day

Entire month of April: Month of the Military Child

April 5th: Gold Star Wives Day

April 14th: Air Force Reserve Birthday

April 23rd: Army Reserves Birthday

Entire month of May: National Military Appreciation Month

May 1st: Silver Star Service Banner Day
(honoring America’s wounded, injured and ill service members)

May 1st: Loyalty Day
(recognizing the American spirit of loyalty)

May 8th: V-E Day

First full week in May: Public Service Recognition Week

2nd Saturday through 3rd Sunday in May:  Armed Forces Week

2nd Friday in May: Military Spouse Day

3rd Saturday in May: Armed Forces Day

May 22nd: Maritime Day

Last Monday in May: Memorial Day

June 6th: D-Day Invasion Anniversary

June 14th: U.S. Flag Day

The week that includes June 14th: National Flag Week

June 14th: US Army Birthday

June 23rd: United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Birthday

June 27th: P.T.S.D Awareness Day

June 28th: Operation Red Wings Observance

July 4th: Independence Day (4th of July)

July 21st: Department of Veterans Administration Created

July 29th: Anniversary of the Army Chaplain Corps

August 4th: US Coast Guard (USCG) Birthday

August 14th: V-J Day

August 14th: National Spirit of ’45 Day

August 16th: National Airborne Day

August 29th: Marine Corps Reserve Birthday

September 11th: Patriot Day
(9/11 Remembrance Day)

September 17th: Constitution Day (or Citizenship Day)

September 18th: US Air Force (USAF) Birthday

3rd Friday in September: National POW/MIA Recognition Day

Last Sunday in September: Gold Star Mother’s Day

October 13th: US Navy (USN) Birthday

October 26th: Day of the Deployed

Entire month of November: National Military Family Month

November 10th: U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) Birthday

November 11th: Veteran’s Day

November 11th: Veteran Owned Business’ Anniversary (launched 11/11/2008)

December 1st: Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary) Birthday

December 7th: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
(President Roosevelt’s Day of Infamy Speech)

December 13th: US National Guard Birthday

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(All dates listed are from the site, if there are some missing or you find something to be incorrect please tell Debra Zerr).