Maintenance Group for the US Marine Corps Memorial

When Debra Zerr first visited the US Marine Corps Memorial in Golden, CO in September of 2014, she thought it was missing the love and care that most other memorials receive. “In my mind, all memorials should stand proud and strong like the men and women who serve do.” She stated while presenting to the maintenance group for the memorial.

Debra presented to the employees at AMCI Wireless February 19th, 2016 at 8:15 AM with the goal to get them motivated and excited about taking over the maintenance of the memorial.  At the end of her presentation her contact into the business, Phyllis Watwood, told Debra that 4 people went to her desk to see how they could help.

To help the group get started Debra created a one page manual to tell them what to do, tools to use, and who to contact.  She also put together a maintenance kit with some of the tools they will need.  “People can’t say no when you make their job easier! That’s why I came up with a manual and initial kit.”

“I am so thrilled that AMCI Wireless is so willing to help! I hope more people who see them out there will want to volunteer as well. All it takes is one person to bring an issue to the “table” and more will come.”  Debra said after the success of getting the memorial the love it deserves.

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