Organizations That Support Connecting & Protecting

The US Marine Corps Memorial: The memorial board played a valuable part in Debra’s project by allowing her to improve the look of the memorial and host the “Connecting & Protecting” event at its location.  If you would like more information about the memorial, check out their website! The US Marine Corps Memorial Website

Pocket Flag Project: The “Pocket Flag Project” was extremely supportive and willing to allow Debra to add folding pocket flags for men and women stationed overseas as a component to her project.  Check out the website for more information! Pocket Flag Project Website

Recruiter Stations in Colorado: Debra met with one recruiter from each branch.  All of them were very willing and supportive of the “Connecting & Protecting” mission.

Thrivent Financial: This organization donated $250 to Debra’s project and was an amazing contributor in helping her succeed with the mission “Connecting & Protecting” strives for. Check out their website for more information! Thrivent Financial

The Masons: This organization donated $250 to Debra’s project.  It was a huge surprise for her to receive the news from a friend who is apart of the organization in Colorado.

Jefferson County Public Libraries: The libraries in Jefferson County have shown so much love and support to our organization by allowing us to use their grounds for events.

Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church: This church has been very generous with allowing us to use their grounds 2 years in a row for events.

These are just a few out of the many organizations and friends who support this project!



Thank you so much!

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